Our Team

Our team is a group of enthusiastic locals, who wanted to go the extra step and bring astronomy and their folklore together for the travellers.

Tashi Dolma

Stanzin Yangskit, originally from Sumoor Nubra, pursued her passion for hospitality and social work after studying Returning to Ladakh, she established homestays and promoted sustainable tourism. Beyond her professional efforts, Stanzin is dedicated to stargazing experiences in Phyang village, where she introduces travelers to Ladakh’s dark skies, emphasizing Ladakhi astrology and folk tales, while also empowering local women through these cultural activities.

Tsewang Yangzes

Tsewang Yangzes, after receiving training in astro-tourism leads Cosmohub with other women. Here, Tsewang helps tourists with skywatching and astronomy, leveraging her knowledge and the region’s clear skies. She has successfully integrated astronomy into her community activities, contributing to both tourism and local women’s empowerment.

Tsewang Dorjey

Tsewang Dorjey is a village coordinator who works for the maintenance of the solar micro-grids installed during the project, conducts Astronomy sessions and village walks along with other youth of the village. After completing his graduation, he made a choice to come back to his village and work for the development of his village and the community.

Irfan Hussain

Born and brought up amidst the pristine surrounding of Ladakh, Irfan has always been an explorer and seeker at heart. His quest to create value in my life inspires him to connect, collaborate, and partner with like-minded individuals and organizations who care for the local communities as well as for the environment. Irfan is the Founder of Sacred Himalayas and an integral member for running the homestay initiative in Ladakh


Stanzing Yangskit, also known as Nikki in the local community, is a passionate entrepreneur and serves as the local coordinator for Mountain Homestay. With a deep enthusiasm for hospitality and homestays, Nikki is the welcoming presence you’ll encounter during your journey to Ladakh. Whether you require assistance or support while exploring Ladakh, she is there to ensure your travel experience is seamless.


Simar is a Tourism Professional, graduated from Delhi University has an experience of working with local communities and homestays in Himachal. Along with hospitality she tends to bring significant changes and a social balance where humans and nature exist in harmony. She is also a performing Artist and has done several acts on sensitized topics to raise awareness in the local communities along with performing mixed martial arts.


Sonal Asgotraa is the Founder of Astrostays. An electrical engineer by profession, Sonal merges Astronomy and community development interventions to create a community-led astro-tourism initiative that transforms village homestays into Cultural and Astronomy Hubs and brings economic benefits of tourism directly to lesser-known, remote areas.

A Community led astro tourism initiative
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