Our Story

Astrostays partners with local communities in remote areas with access to beautiful night skies to curate memorable star-gazing experiences for travelers.

Our Mission
Community Driven

Our astronomy sessions are conducted by the local youth of the village. Guided by their intimate knowledge of the stars passed down through generations, these sessions offer a glimpse into the cosmos like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a curious novice, our engaging hosts will unravel the mysteries of the universe, sharing ancient legends, astronomical insights, and the awe-inspiring beauty of Ladakh’s night sky.

Engage with local cultures and people
Skies and Heritage

Utilizing Ladakh’s pristine dark skies and tapping into the rich heritage and folklore surrounding astronomy among the locals, our hosts guide you through an immersive experience, allowing you to reconnect with the wonder of celestial bodies reminiscent of childhood memories. As they share stories steeped in centuries-old traditions, this journey not only preserves fading heritage but also provides livelihood opportunities for the youth, thereby stemming out-migration from these remote regions.

Engage with local cultures and people
Regenerative Travel

At Astrostays, regenerative travel means your visit helps rejuvenate our community and environment. Enjoy stargazing sessions led by local women, who share their knowledge of the cosmos and our rich cultural stories. This unique experience not only reconnects you with the night sky but also supports local livelihoods and preserves our heritage. By choosing Astrostays, you contribute to the well-being of Ladakh, ensuring its beauty and culture thrive for future generations.

Hear from our Traveller

Hear from our Traveller

A Community led astro tourism initiative
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