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When was the last time you experienced a clear, star-studded night sky? With so much of the world in perpetual twilight, most of us never get to see a naturally dark night sky and thus we yearn to stargaze, immersing ourselves in the enormity of universe.

Come, spend an evening at the Cosmohub in Phyang for a spectacular, never-before experience! Take a journey to the stars with the local women astronomers of Ladakh and learn about the mysteries of dark skies.  As the dusk settles over the mountains, the skies unveil a magnificent star-studded canvas. Experience Astronomy and local culture at the Comohub while discovering the wonderful facts about our galaxy and the stories from the past.

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Guided Tour of the 700 old Monastery

Enter the world of Cosmohub to know more about the gems of our Universe

Experience the Dark Sky & Star Gazing Session through a 10 inch telescope

Enjoy gastronomical delights with locally sourced, farm-fresh Ladakhi cuisine

Interact with the locals and learn about the rich Ladakhi culture and heritage



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