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Astrostays partners with local communities in remote areas with access to beautiful night skies to curate beautiful star-gazing experiences for travellers 


Never before have people been able to travel as swiftly and conveniently as right now. But crises such as climate change and COVID-19 repeatedly underscore our responsibility towards the planet. Affordability and convenience have to go hand in hand with sensitization and responsibility. By virtue of being hosted in some of the remotest parts of the world, Astrostays roll back the travel experience to the essentials. 

Our planet is huge and incredibly diverse. Astrostays provide a chance to go off the beaten track and discover lesser known gems via a curated experience.

Look at the sky above, unfiltered. Stargazing can be a surreal, wondrously profound experience. You will likely feel exhilarated, curious, peaceful, and astonished, all at once. Above all, gazing up at thousands of stars can be an act of inspiration, a night you will always remember.

Our world is deteriorating and we need to innovate faster than ever. We need look no further than our remotest communities who live within their means and have adapted to their environment. Their ways of living are a testament to sustainable living and you can learn from them firsthand.

Connect with the locals and other visitors from around the world while reconnecting with nature and yourself. 

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